2 Chainz- “Good Drank” Ft. Gucci Mane, Quavo


2 Chainz’s video for his recent single, “Good Drank” featuring Gucci Mane and Quavo, was released earlier this year and is off to a hot start considering it’s at 21+ million views on YouTube and 36+ million plays on Spotify.

The video uses an old cinematic theme as it’s edited with a sepia tone filter along with added effects to make it seem like it was shot on an old-fashioned black and white film. To coincide with the overall retro theme, the artists are clothed in classic, rural, and southern styles.

The old school theme pairs well with the slow tempo part of the song, especially in the beginning when 2 Chainz starts his intro. The lyrics start out at a slow pace, but then builds up as they get closer to Quavo’s chorus. The chorus has a steady rhythm and transitions great to Gucci Mane’s part where he disses Kevin Durant, giving the non-Warriors fans a little something to enjoy.

The purple bottles, plethora of women and cigars, old school filter, and classically themed clothes blends the two worlds of the past and present together while glorifying the rapper life.