3 Intersex Artists You Should be Paying Attention To

Arie Likhtman

In June of 2021, amidst a battle with a pandemic, political turmoil, economic instability, and an ongoing struggle for justice worldwide, Pride Month could not be more important. In a year as unique as this one, voices for changes are louder than they have ever been. Unfortunately, the status quo continues to fight back, with hateful rhetoric such as why do we even need Pride? dominating many conversations regarding the LGBTQIA+ community.

Well, as far as we in the music community are concerned, pride is more important than it ever was. LGTBQIA+ artists all over the world are speaking their truth and ushering in change the best way they know how: through sound. This Pride Month is especially unique due to the recent redesign of the pride flag to include a community that has long been relegated to the perimeter of the pride movement: the intersex community.


Intersex visibility continues to increase across all sectors of American life, and yes, that includes music. Intersex artists have long been overlooked or excluded from the forefront of the industry, and it is high time for that to change. Here are just 3 intersex artists that you should know:

First up on our list is an artist who epitomizes the idea of pride. Born intersex, Jasper Holton truly represents liberation, from both the gender binary and music genre. Recording and performing under the name Intersex, Holton’s music does not fit into any box. They took the industry by storm in 2019 with the debut single Humansan eclectic 4 -rack release featuring everything from electronic music to classical music. Since then, Intersex has continued to release track after track and grow a devoted fanbase.

Their music is simple, featuring spacious instrumentals and a vocal tone that is pure and clean, making all of their songs impossible not to love. My personal favorite track has to be their 2020 single Love Songwhich features catchy electronic riffs and playful lyrics that put on a spin on what it means to love someone.

Holton is more than just an artist. They are also a violinist, a visual artist, and a developer. Intersex is truly a voice for their community, and if their music isn’t already on all of your playlists, then you’re missing out on some truly special stuff.

Switching gears from eclectic indie to old school jazz, our next artists showcases a whole different side of the intersex artist community. Vocalist, songwriter, pianist, and intersex artist Eden Atwood is here to prove that jazz is here to stay and open to all. Born to a musical family, Atwood’s father, Hub Atwood, was a legendary jazz arranger, creating tunes for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Stan Kenton, and Nat King Cole.

Atwood carries on her father’s legacy while continuing to add her own style. A classically trained jazz singer and pianist, Atwood has been compared to the great Ella Fitzgerald, mixing different vocal genres from Ballads to Doo-Wop and Scat. She tours and performs all over the world, both solo and with various jazz groups and big bands.

Atwood was born with a rare condition known as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, or AIS, which renders her body unable to respond to “male hormones”. Atwood continues to fight for the rights of the intersex community, both openly in her music and through her platform as an artist. If you’re a fan of jazz, or just looking for some great new music, then Eden Atwood is a perfect choice.

Last but certainly not least on our list is an artist who just about shatters every rule in the book. Florian-Ayala Fauna, musically known as Uncertain, is a music producer, artist, and poet known for her post-industrial sound. Her music can best be described as atmospheric and dark. Her albums include glass fawn, a soundscape that tells the story of a lost deer, as well as several projects that tell the story of a family of foxes. These compositions are long, creepy, and almost otherwordly. If you’re looking for a sound that is very far off the beaten path yet still genuinely innovative, then look no further than Florian Ayala-Fauna.

This humble list of three barely scratches the surface of the intersex artist community. From pop to jazz to every genre in-between, intersex musicians are using their talents to inspire a movement and carve out their own unique space. If you’re interested in more intersex and LGBTQIA+ voices in music, then check out our in-house curated Pride playlist. In a year dominated by struggle, it is our duty as allies, as fans, and as members of the music community to uplift the voices of those who for so long have been excluded from the conversation. So for this Pride Month, let’s turn up the volume, and start listening.