3 LBGTQ+ Artists You Should Know About

Stevenson Altidor

June and Pride Month have become synonymous with each other as the years go by. Rainbows-plated digital logos scatter on the internet as the spotlight beams on a gravely overlooked talented community. The music industry, just like much of the world, has made welcome strides in making these talented artists feel included. However, there is still much more room to go.

For Traklife Media Group, we will highlight three LBGTQ+ artists weekly, culminating in one extensive playlist of the artist we featured here and others throughout the industry. After Pride month, we will continue adding and highlighting artists to the playlist. Without any more hesitation, I bring you three artists you should know.

Sug Daniels

The Delaware native is a singer, songwriter, and producer who is radiating with potential. Charmingly awkward, “Heavy” is a guitar plucked record coated in vocals that are sweet like sugar. Sug sings about a friend, who’s been on her mind a lot. However, she struggles to say exactly how she feels. Loaded with personality, the single serves as the first sample of her upcoming EP Franklin Street. Something tells me there’s more for us in store.

Brittan Smith

Brittan Smith’s experimental style makes him difficult to place in a box. Indeed, when allowed to wander in the dark, the Los Angeles based artist explores heavy hitting topics. Consequently, touching on his upbringing and mental health in a world soaked in burgundy lights. “Feind” highlights these traits, alongside an addictive production that mirrors Smith’s warm voice as a result. In addition to his filming background, his upcoming EP Going Rogue seeks to produce an alternate universe between his music and visual themes.

The World Over

A female-fronted rock band has been gaining buzz ahead of their forthcoming EP Artificial. However, The World Over has been putting in work for years. The group, lead by Tiaday Rocke, has a fascinating backstory as outspoken LGBTQ+ advocates in the metal scene. With Rocke and her wife at the forefront of the change. Their newest single, “Shallow,” showing the effect rumors had on her life.