Celebrate Stoner Season with This 420 Playlist

Autumn Simon

Legendary artists such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley and more have proven that nothing goes better together than music and marijuana. Historically, both industries have been connected for years due to their rebellious backgrounds and influential nature. At a time, both products were even looked down on, but eventually, the whole world caught on and partook in both activities. Whether you’re partying at a music festival/concert or listening to your records from the couch, the best way to spark up your vibe is by rolling one up! 

As we head into the stoner season, and the upcoming April 20 holiday, we wanted to spotlight things that our pothead friends would love. The history behind 420 may be a little hazy but, that doesn’t mean your celebration has to be. Marijuana has its way of sneaking into our favorite songs and artist’s life. So to celebrate, we put together a list of our favorite musicians who are weed enthusiasts. We also curated a playlist of pot-inspired tracks that you can play beyond 420.

Bob Marley

A member of the Rastafarian religion, Bob Marley was one of the most popular musicians who had a strong connection to marijuana. Beyond just getting high, the Jamaican artist looked at weed as a healing herb that he used as a meditational aid. Marley also has the perfect discography to get high to on a stressful day!

Lady Gaga

Our current generation’s musical genius, Lady Gaga confirmed in her Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, that she smokes weed. Perhaps a little too much! The artist mentions her past experiences with the leaf and her large intake. Utilizing it as a psychedelic and healing medicine, Lady Gaga has managed to develop a better relationship with marijuana. 


Bad Girl Riri is a loud-and-proud weed enthusiast! The Barbados artist has expressed her appreciation for marijuana via her fashion, social life and music. Though her love for the plant has been highly criticized, many have to face the fact that she wears weed well. The perfect accessory for her blunt personality is a blunt in her hand.

Snoop Dogg

Perhaps the most famous artist to have an interest in weed is the west coast legend Snoop Dogg. For decades, the Long Beach rapper’s appreciation for weed has grown from an avid participant to a known cannabis connoisseur. From selling on the streets to now owning one of the most successful to co-owning the largest cannabis operation in the world, Snoop Dogg has changed the game of the weed industry.

Willie Nelson

Grammy award-winning musician, Willi Nelson has been a longtime advocate of marijuana legalization. The country singer once claimed to Rolling Stone that the herb saved his life. His famed stoner reputation has pushed him to the forefront of the marijuana movement. These days it’s rumored that Nelson decided to finally quit smoking due to his growing breathing problems.