5 Things We Learned From Cardi B’s “E! True Hollywood Story”

Autumn Simon

“Okurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Cardi B‘s finally got the documentary that she deserves and you can stream it now on Hulu! E! News kicked off their second season of True Hollywood Story, covering The Bronx-born rapper’s past struggles and rise to fame. The Cinderella story behind Cardi B’s career has been talked about but never has truly been covered in film. Though without the artist’s permission, the television network took it upon themselves to share the story of the stripper-turned-sensation. 

Although the loud Latina artist is an open book, there are many questions and speculations behind her past, relationship and career. Ever wondered how long Cardi’s been pursuing music, who she looks up to and how she became more than a one-click-wonder? These questions and more get answered in this revealing one-hour documentary. Here are 5 things we learned about Cardi on True Hollywood Story.

Life-Threatening Illness

Cardi B Childhood

As a child, Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar struggled with asthma. With the birth of her little sister, the poverty-stricken family could barely afford the frequent hospital visits and even food. Cardi’s mother even feared for her daughter’s life worrying if she would have a potential asthma attack during her sleep.

Her Favorite Childhood Show was “That’s So Raven”


Wonder where Cardi-B’s style and loud-and-proud personality came from? We the great Disney Chanel legend, Raven-Symoné to thanks for that! While growing up Cardi would emulate the teen’s sensation style from her hit series “That’s So Raven.” Rocking a wardrobe along with eclectic pieces, Cardi’s growing fashion career kicked off long before the fame.

She Attended a Musical Theater High School

Though there are many debates on Cardi’s skill as a new artist, her love for music was established long before the hype. She attended Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Technology, where she participated in talent shows and musicals. Her performances were said to be the highlight of the school year. Sadly, after realizing music wasn’t helping her make the quick money that she needed, she graduated, quit music and started stripping.

Her Double Life As Stripper and “Nanny”

Cardi-B-Fashion Nova

Cardi B has never been shy of sharing her stories from her time as a stripper. The only people she truly kept that secret away from were her parents. When she was 18, Cardi B was making up to $500 which she told her family she was receiving for a gig as a nanny to a wealthy family. The artist struggled to hide her double-life from her parents and eventually told them the truth, which they were extremely disappointed.

From the Phone to the TV Screen

To escape her reality of stripping and constantly grinding, Cardi B took to Instagram to start capturing her daily rants and escapades. Her videos were beginning to take off and the industry labeled her as an online comedian. With this growing fame, she decided to give music a try again and she was approached to join the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York.


The rest was history