“6 foot deep” – Single Review

India McCarty

Last Friday, EMELINE released “6 foot deep,” the first single off her upcoming EP. “6 foot deep” is an account of the singer’s experiences in an industry dominated by men. 


“Does it feel good to be so tall?” she sneers over the sparse beat. “I know you like the view.”


The chorus’ production is spooky (appropriate, considering it’s almost Halloween), with EMELINE sing-songing, “How do you want me? // Want me crawling at your feet? // Pour on your dirt // I’m five foot tall, six foot deep” over a guitar riff and snaps.


The lyrics are personal, but delivered with an off-hand quality; you get the feeling EMELINE is rolling her eyes as she sings, “I don’t like your energy // chew me up ‘til you can’t breathe.”


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6 foot deep. one week.

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“I’ve had some experiences in the music industry that made me feel really powerless and small,” said EMELINE in a press release about the single.


“There were so many people who just wanted to take advantage of me, make me feel invisible, and make me think that they were the only ones who could give me value. Writing about that kind of stuff is really difficult, but over time I realized that those experiences were valuable because they aren’t unique to me. By telling my story, I could take back my own power and give power to others who’ve gone through something similar. It’s exciting to think that I could shine a little light out into the world, so that someone who’s been through what I’ve been through can maybe feel a little less alone.” 


“6 foot deep” won’t sound out of place on your Halloween playlists (what’s scarier than misogyny?), but you’ll have it on rotation long after the spooky season is over. 


Check out “6 foot deep” here!