A Loki Life is Better

The only way to make a dope event with live music and a great atmosphere better is to make it affordable for the audience. That’s exactly what Loki Management aims to do. On October 21, A Loki Life is Better brought up-and-coming artists to an intimate aesthetic to Los Angeles locals for less than $20.


Skyler Duf. Photo by spawnzone

At the Dream Out Loud Studios, the event also included a live art showcase by the non-profit, Painted Brain. Nigerian food was on hand, and a quaint bar was set up to get the night going as dj NNEOMA was on the ones and twos. As the lights dimmed and our host for the night, Melanesia, introduced the first live act of the night: Skyler Duf.

Skyler Duf, pronounced “doof,” is one hell of a performer. If you saw Skyler for the first time, you might not expect her to be a rapper. That night, she performed titles from her latest project entitled DUF… That Single Bitch. The model turned rapper took the stage by storm and finally performed live in her hometown.

The lineup also included a past guest from The Layover Show, Jetpack Jones. Performing with one of his Jetpack Movement members, Don Diestro, they gave us a preview of some of the new tracks they’ve been working on.

Zikomo, of Soulection, was up next. His unique sound got the whole crowd moving. He’s definitely someone you want to experience live.If you’re not already intrigued by his mask alone, check out his SoundCloud then catch him at his next show. Much love to Long Beach!


Zikomo. Photo by spawnzone

The final performance of the night was Tiffany Gouché. Let me just say, if you haven’t heard of Tiffany Gouché, you are missing out. Take a listen to one of my favorite songs from her, “Last Breath“, and then let me know what you think. She’s got such a unique overall sound and her voice is so effortlessly smooth.

If you liked what you heard in that song, don’t forget to check out the rest of her latest album, Pillow Talk. And then feel the regret of missing her and her LIVE band at the Loki Life is Better event. They seriously set the mood. Tiffany even turned the spotlight to each of the eight other members of her band. Each instrument got a solo as well as each of the three talented singers. So much talent on one stage, believe me, the whole crowd was in awe.


Tiffany Gouché. Photo by spawnzone

Tiffany’s effortless talent is also exuded in her mannerisms and style on the stage. She helped the night go out on a high. Contact or not.

I know this event recap is a bit late, but guess what! Loki Management is hosting another event coming up soon. And if you felt the fomo after reading this better late than never recap, you’ll definitely mark your calendars for the next Loki Event.

For all you house lovers, check out Loki Management’s Retrograde event being helped in Long Beach on Nov. 11. And stay tuned to their Instagram for more upcoming events!

Shoutout to Loki Management for the hospitality and for collaborating with The Layover Show to run a giveaway for the event. Congrats to the winner Chris G.! Here’s to more concerts without the fees!

For clips from the night, check out The Layover Show on Instagram. All photos credited to spawnzone.