Album Review: DAX – It’s Different Now EP

Lindsey Duz It

DAX, a former college basketball star, who worked overnight shifts as a janitor, is now cleaning up in the rap game as an emerging emcee.

In his short career, Dax is already making a huge impact with his mixtapes, freestyles, and World Star One-Takes. Dropping his debut EP, It’s Different Now, the talented rapper is ready to rattle the industry with his first official body of work.

The 7-song album is “skip-free,” consisting of a solid set of tracks that all stand on their own. The songs are layered with energetic production, catchy hooks, and lyrical verses. The overall feel of the album drives you to get up and move. Whether that means getting up to dance, or getting up to chase a goal, or both, is up to the listener.

In a sense, Dax writes motivational music by writing about his humble beginnings and the tenacity he possessed to be successful, regardless of the circumstances. This is the theme in the majority of the songs on It’s Different Now.

In the opening track “All Night Long,” Dax writes about being a janitor before life as a rapper, and how he would literally work all night long to get where he is now. In “Crackin On My Own,” he talks about having to rely on himself for help when there were only naysayers in his way. “Did It First” is a song about Dax being in and out of poverty, and predicting he would make it in music, despite the non-believers. “Gotta Get It” features “Coco” rapper O.T. Genasis, where Dax raps about coming from the bottom and cleaning toilets, to drifting in a jag. “No Respect” features the emcee Futuristic, and may be the deepest song on the EP. Dax talks about working hard, and helping his family and friends out financially, without asking for anything in return. People don’t show him no respect even with all he’s done personally and professionally.

One song that is a bit different from the rest is “Why Is You Leaving.” On this track, Dax pleads with his girlfriend as she tried to leave him, and reveals details about their toxic relationship as the song goes on. The lyrics will probably resonate with a few listeners, and if it does…be concerned.

It’s Different Now by Dax is one hell of a debut EP, available now on all music streaming sites. Follow Dax on Instagram and Twitter @thatsdax, be sure to look out for music videos for “No Respect” and “Gotta Get It” coming soon, and a US tour kicking off this November.



  1. All Night Long
  2. No Cappin
  3. Crackin On My Own
  4. Why Is You Leavin
  5. No Respect (ft. Futuristic)
  6. Gotta Get It (ft. OT Genasis)
  7. Did It First