Album Review: Marshall Sinclaire attempts to put Tulsa on the map with debut album noth(K)ing

Marshall Sinclaire of Tulsa, Okla. is no stranger to individuality and delivering dope rhymes over reminiscent melodies. His project noth(K)ing is proof of that and and much more. I got the opportunity to check out his unreleased work and overall the album has depth, variety and won’t disappoint when it comes to collaborations.     

If you’re expecting trap music or tracks about cash and h**e’s, this isn’t for you. Sinclaire’s music is the polar opposite, and I mean that in a good way. To me, Sinclaire’s approach to this album was more about getting to know him as an artist, while paying a tribute to his roots in Tulsa. Tracks like Sunroof Ceiling Window,  is the perfect example of how Sinclaire mastered the correlation of darkness, with tales of shining through it. The track can be mistaken for a summertime anthem, with its positive vibes and nostalgic presence. Songs like Hydraulics will simultaneously take you to Texas, with its chopped and screwed production, covered with Sinclaire’s ability to storytell. Lyrically, he doesn’t fail to use metaphors to describe losses and life’s up and downs. Hence, hydraulics.

When it comes to slow jams or tracks for the ladies, you’ll hear that with AM, a heartbreak ballad mirroring Jay-Z’s “Song Cry”. A track that has a dope melodic tune, that’s undoubtedly easy to listen to. Sinclaire’s debut LP noth(K)ing  is worth a listen, and I can assure you, there’s at least two tracks you’ll have on repeat.

In an interview done with  HipHopDX, Sinclaire said “noth(K)ing is defined as someone that gets caught up in either celebrating things that don’t really matter, or praising worthy causes, but doing it for ‘Likes,” he said. “I’ve been guilty of this several times, so it’s a reminder to myself not to become the ‘King of Nothing”

noth(K)ing is slated to release Feb. 24, 2016. Until then, check out his most recent video off his single William Martin (In It) and let us know what you think.