Aly & AJ’s “Pretty Places” – Single Review

Tony Madden

We all have our pretty places, be it a refuge from a pandemic or the feeling of home with a person we love. Further solidifying the vintage dream aesthetic of their upcoming album, Aly & AJ sing of these “Pretty Places” on the latest single of the same name.

“These open skies, leaving the past behind. I would for all the pretty places,” the sisters harmonize. “I’ll go anywhere- All I need is you.”

“Pretty Places” appears to seal fate on the still-unnamed 2021 album, which is sure to be the pop-rock duo’s most sophisticated work yet. Hailing from the angsty teen-pop stylings of early 2000s Disney Channel, their sound has matured gracefully since 2007’s “Insomniatic.” 

Aly & AJ previously released two other singles in the same vintage-pop vein: first “Slow Dancing” and later “Listen!!!.” Where the former gives vintage, subtle pop and country ballad vibes, the latter is a synth-and-guitar rock anthem for the ages.

The sisters’ last few singles – in tandem with the sprinkling of singles and and EPs since 2017 – serve as promising indicators of the work to come. I look forward to the 2021 record as Aly & AJ’s strongest work yet, not only sonically and aesthetically cohesive, but also lyrically robust.

Listen to “Pretty Places” here: