An Interview with Juniper: The Next Big Thing in Indie

Arie Likhtman

If there’s one thing every music fan can agree on, it’s that music is evolving at a rate that is just about too fast for anyone to keep up. While this rapid rate of innovation is great, it can leave a lot to be desired. Specifically many people in the indie community are on the hunt for one thing: simple authenticity. Well, the hunt is over. If you’re looking for a band that defies genre, oozes nostalgia, and yet manages to constantly innovate, look no further than Scott, Shreeve, and Ale, better known as the Boston indie rock trio, Juniper.


I could take you on a tour of Juniper’s discography, but I’ll just let the band themselves do it because a few weeks ago, I sat down with this eclectic group, and I can confidently say it was life-changing. I have never met a group that is more authentic and genuine in their sound, and in their craft. Here is the full interview: