“Save Your Tears” Remix Review

Sarah Stukalin

There is no doubt The Weeknd’s “After Hours” was one of the biggest and best albums of 2020. The album was the soundtrack to quarantine, provided one of the biggest Tik Tok trends, and also entered a world of controversy when it was snubbed at the Grammy awards.

The album itself is excellent. Packed with heartfelt ballads and honest lyrics, it’s no wonder Ariana Grande collaborated with him on one of the album’s most popular tracks, “Save Your Tears.”

The remix is the pair’s third collaboration in a span of seven years, and it certainly does not disappoint. Combining Grande’s ethereal vocals with the Weeknd’s eighties sound produced a magical blending of two of the world’s most popular artists.

If anyone can collaborate with The Weeknd and compliment his vocals, it is Ariana Grande. Listen to the “Save Your Tears” remix here!