Tenessee native Frances Baker replenishes the music industry with her debut self-titled  EP “Frances Baker.” Baker had previously released slower, more ballad-type music under a separate name. Having the pandemic to focus on herself and her music, she was really able to connect to her roots and the music she knew in her heart, she always wanted to make.

Upon releasing this new EP, listeners got to hear an entirely new side to Baker as she graced us with groovy undertones, soulful vocals, and catchy drums. Anyone who listens to Baker knows her sound is quite eclectic and unique. The way she is able to combine her hypnotizing voice with catchy sounds seems to be a match made in heaven.

As a personal friend of Baker’s, it was amazing being able to talk to her and get a deeper look into this EP. In this interview, she touches on her inspirations, the process of making it, and how having all that time to herself last year helped her reconnect and flourish personally and musically.