Artist Select (February 2021) Presents Mark W.

Dom Maiorca

Here at Traklife, we’re always looking forward – analyzing trends in the industry, dissecting music culture, and searching endlessly for new dope artists.  Our Artist Select series allows us to highlight some of the most promising young artists that are sure to become household names sooner than later.  Traklife’s Artist Select for February 2021 features someone very near and dear to the Traklife family, Inglewood, California native, Mark W.

If you’ve tuned in to our RawStream or Homemade Sessions series, you surely recognize the man affectionately known as The Meticulously Multitalented.  Aside from being a legendary host, Mark W. has graced the screen on a few occasions, always delivering hard-hitting freestyles and high-energy performances.  Coming off of his latest project, Talking to Myself – Side A, I got the chance to sit down with Mark and get to know the man behind the mic.

“A day typically starts at about 7:00AM and then ends at, on a good day, 2:00AM,” he admits, sitting comfortably in front of a metaphorical wall of many hats.  On top of his hosting duties and his own music ventures, Mark manages to stay busy as a producer, audio engineer, video editor, self-marketing team, merch designer, and, the title he’s most proud of, a husband.  With a schedule so demanding, it’s easy to see why they call him multitalented.  During The Talking to Myself Experience on Twitch, Mark dissected the meticulous element of his memorable moniker. 

[blockquote text=”I had to convince (myself) in my head that I can make anything look and sound like it came out of a million-dollar studio.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Though he isn’t exactly sure where this thought originated, it’s this exact mindset that forced Mark to examine each detail, every minor nuance crucial in scrutinizing his work down to the most intricate compressions and sonics.

This meticulous attitude carries over into his raps, his steadfast flow gushing with word play and intricate references that deserve a rewind.  Admittedly, Mark W. is a rapper first, though Talking to Myself sees him reaching into his Bruno Mars slash James Brown bag, crafting memorable hooks and dancy grooves that make for great performances.

“I got a few people that say ‘man I wish you could do more of the boom-bap stuff,’ and to that I say – stay patient, it’s coming.”  Mark has teased the B Side of Talking to Myself, as well as another potential project leading up to his debut album.  If one thing’s for sure, Mark’s tireless work ethic surely won’t let him slow down anytime soon.  His energy both in his music and in his everyday life is infectious, fearlessly exuding his undying passion for creating and learning in all aspects of life.

Catch my exclusive interview with Mark W. where we talk about maintaining balance, trusting the process, and how to not become jaded in full HERE, and check out his performances on Live Sessions and RawStream on Youtube.  If you want to hear more from Mark W. and similar artists, check out our Artist Select Playlist on Spotify.  

Be sure to keep up with Mark W. by following him on Instagram, if you tap in and show love he will most definitely tap back! 


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