Artist Select [July 2021] Presents: Aryy

Sarah Stukalin

As an immigrant coming to the United States, one faces many challenges. Whether it is difficult to meet people, find a place to live, or figure out how to adapt to a different social climate, immigrating is a tough and admirable feat. Enter Aryy: a Brazillian immigrant taking the virtual music scene by storm, and making a name for herself beyond borders. 

Aryy was exposed to music before she can even remember, as she grew up watching her father play music around the house. From there she blossomed into a singer/songwriter, drawing inspiration from the world around her and channeling her hard-to-express feelings into song lyrics. 

“I started playing the guitar and playing covers of songs. I naturally started writing songs as well, and as a way to reflect my feelings and what’s going on in my life, so it was kind of like my own journal or something of the sort.”

Aryy appreciates her good and bad ideas: a natural-born talent: writing down every idea she has despite if it’s “trash”. Her ideas come to her quickly (sometimes even in the shower), and she makes sure to jot them down or record a voice memo almost instantly to remember, so she can put her feelings into her music. 

Aryy grew up listening to powerful female musicians such as Juliet Simms. When she was younger she held them to the highest standard and was inspired by them to create her own music. Aryy looked to women dominating typically “male-centric” music genres in a male-dominated industry. She appreciates soft vibes within her music choices and loves to incorporate unique instruments into her compositions. 

“I love the ukelele so much because it makes everything sound cheerful, even when it isn’t really, and I like playing with that in my music. My lyrics aren’t necessarily happy all the time, but I like to balance it out like sad lyrics with happy melodies.” 

Aryy learned to play the ukelele in Brazil at the early age of eleven, inspired by the band Never Shout Never. Over the years she grew more in love with the instrument and now draws inspiration from the ukelele while composing her music. Aryy is a big fan of contrast, she feels that the ukulele creates an ambiance of cheerfulness and sadness with her more melancholy lyrics. Not many artists are doing a bedroom pop sound complete with the ukulele, but Aryy is embracing her unconventional sound. 

While Aryy anticipated having a harder time breaking into the U.S. music scene, she found something that helped cement her career: Tik Tok. 

“It is literally the best. If it wasn’t for Tik Tok I don’t know where I would be right now, because I only downloaded Tik Tok right before quarantine last year, and they are the most supportive group of people I have found.”

In an era where social media can define one’s career, Aryy has certainly used the innovation to her advantage. And throughout posting, she has found a sincere love of posting Tik Toks, scrolling through different feeds, and interacting with her fans. Aryy loves what the platform does for artists looking to make a name for themselves, saying that it “gives artists a chance to be found,” no matter how big your initial following.

Aside from just Tik Tok, Aryy said her career has evolved tremendously since she first started posting on YouTube at fourteen. She credits the pandemic as one of the major turning points of her career. She took that time during quarantine to produce her first EP.  Furthermore, Aryy turned to Tik Tok at the beginning of quarantine, so much of her energy was channeled into cultivating a following. In such a dark time for many, Aryy was certainly able to find the good out of a bad situation and create and share music with the world. 

“I struggled for a long time, feeling kind of lost, and then I just had, I was like ‘wait what am I doing with my life?’ I can’t go back to work. Let’s just focus 100% in this and write songs and make this happen. So it really was positive in that way.”

But despite learning to find the good in things, Aryy admits she faced many challenges throughout her career. One of them being that she wrote music in English, but lived in Brazil where Portuguese was the primary language. Additionally, she had to develop a level of confidence to convince herself she could be a full-time musician. She grew the courage to even audition tv show, The Voice, in Brazil to boost her confidence. And even though Aryy only made it to the blind auditions sector, her courage soared. 

Aryy continues to face her biggest challenge, being a Brazillian immigrant.  She has only been here for three years and has to figure out a lot on her own. She’s challenged by singing in solely English, not having connections, and being a self-sufficient musician. But despite facing such adversities, Aryy has done an incredible job of making a name for herself in a new country and social climate, and recognizes that “it’s one step at a time.” 

Aryy believes that coming to American will help her fulfill her dream. One being a potential world tour, and another being seeing her face in Times Square. Additionally, keeping to her theme of unconventionality, Aryy writes “Simlish” versions of all of her songs in the hope that one day her music will be featured in The Sims. 

To artists looking to make it in the music industry, Aryy says “Just do it.” She is a firm believer in self-promotion and self-confidence and pushes her followers and friends to pursue their dreams much like she did.

“Just do it. Put it out there. You want to be a musician? Well, write music, and after you write music, you have to share it with people. Otherwise, when you release it, nobody’s gonna listen to it.” 

Aryy is a unique, original, and unconventional artist sharing a different type of sound in the most unique way. She has utilized the digital era and has done it all as an independent artist: a true self-starter. 

In terms of what is next for Aryy, look for her new single “Softie With Anger Issues” to be released on July 23rd!

You can check out my full interview with Aryy here. Make sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, and check out her music on Spotify and Apple Music. Lastly, for more Artist Select news, check out last month’s article profiling Figgy Baby.