Artist Select (May 2020) presents Chuck Jay

Ervin Cordero

Chuck Jay is an up and coming R&B artist from Southern California.  In the landscape of today’s music, he brings a refreshing yet nostalgic sound that takes you back to the smooth sounds of 90s R&B, most of which many refer to as timeless music.  Since his release of “King of Hearts” a few years ago, Chuck Jay has gone through growing and maturing times that has led to his current project “Soul of Th9 Vol.2.”  We’ve had the pleasure of working with Chuck Jay in the past and can guarantee you that his talent can not go unnoticed.  Upon seeing him perform, I remember noting that “his melodic vocals live sound just as every bit as good as what you hear in his recordings“.  Check out what he has to say in our interview with him below:

Ervin (Traklife):  So let the readers know who Chuck Jay is and how long you’ve been doin music?


Chuck Jay: Chuck Jay is a Free Spirit , Hopeless Romantic Artist. I Believe in Love at first sight and you can enjoy life with the right selection of people to create the perfect Vibes. 


I have been recording music since 2008 the first few years I was finding my voice and style as a singer i couldn’t find it untill I linked up with my big bro Bdawt Roxx that I found my own style of R&B. And when I linked up with My main Producer / Engineer Sean Brown when I got the quality and sound I needed to really begin pushing my music out there.

Erv:  Your music has a nostalgic old school vibe with a modern feel to it. Who or what has influenced your sound?


Chuck Jay:  My main influences have been neyo , The Dream and T-Pain from today’s music and from the past I have a major list but my top old school artist / Groups  Heatwave , Ronald Isley ,  Micheal Jackson and many more. 

Erv:  As an up and coming artist with a few projects in your catalog, which 3 tracks would you want a new listener to hear first?


Chuck Jay:  The first one would Be “Cupid” cause I feel that song will be timeless and once I get to the next level I’m gonna reintroduce that in the game.  Second would be “FADED” Because I really enjoyed the process creating that in the studio and the last song would have to choose is “Candy Lover” because that song was my first challenge in changing my style of writing I was told by Atlantic records to switch up my song writing style and I did with the advice as well from producer team BankRoll Got it. 

Erv:  What’s your creative process in the studio? What motivates your creativity?


Chuck Jay:  My process in the studio is is probably what a lot of artist do nowadays.  To create on the spot I come up with a melody for a few days till I know I got it then when I hit the studio lay the melody down there are the foundation and create or at times with the help of Sean I will create a brand new song from scratch.

Erv:  What would you want your listeners to get out of listening to your music?


Chuck Jay:  I would want my fans and new fans who come across my music to get positive vibes and get the idea of how to love again and to be open with yourself.  To not pretend to be someone your not.  Self love and love for life. 

Erv:  Since the release of “Soul of The 9” a month ago, we feel like your career has gone to the next level with listeners all across the country. How do you feel about the response to the project thus far?


Chuck Jay:  I’m happy with the numbers and how they continue to grow.  I took a year break to really relax with my family and regroup. My goal is to always do better every project, Stream more numbers than before and be the best I can be.  Videos coming this year with the help of Traklife family 

Erv:  So what’s next for Chuck Jay?


Chuck Jay:  My next step is to focus on my image more and videos and setting up a tour in a few states with a few other artists.  All self-funded after this pandemic passes and it’s safe  to tour again. 



Spotify:  Chuck Jay

Instagram:  @chuckjayy