Artist Select (June 2020) presents Tray Haggerty

Ervin Cordero

Originally from Dallas, Texas but now living in Los Angeles, Tray Haggerty is one of our favorite hip-hop artists that we’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Talented and hardworking, yet humble, Tray Haggerty is rapidly growing his reputation in music with streaming numbers growing with every new track.  Tray’s music can range from smooth and melodic to powerful and aggressive, but still with a signature sound that makes him stand out from most artists.  Check the interview below.

Ervin (Traklife):  First off, give the readers a brief intro on you and how you began in music?


Tray Haggerty:  I’m Tray Haggerty from Dallas, Texas but living in LA. Artist, visionary, songwriter! I been recording music since I was 12. I started with my homie Keyj in his closet and kinda fell in love with it at a young age. I decided to take it to another level in 2016 and I been going hard ever since.

Erv:  For new fans, describe your sound and what you want them to get out of listening to your music.


Tray:  My sound would be melodic feel good music. I might create something that makes you dance or I might create something that’s talking about realness and my experiences or however I’m feeling. I’m human.

“Plan your work. Work your plan and your plan will work.” -Tray Haggerty

Erv:  Coming from Dallas, TX, would you say the city has helped influence you and your sound? If so, how?


Tray:  Of course ! I grew up on Wayne and Andre 3000 so being a lyricist is embedded in me. Dallas made me experience things I can put in my music that most people growing up probably never experienced.

Erv:  So we’ve known you for a minute now, enough to say that you’re one of the hardest working artist we know having to juggle music and a career in engineering. How do you do it?


Tray:  God! Plan your work. Work your plan and your plan will work. Something I lived by all my life. I knew what I would have to do get to where I want to be and I been planning this all my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without college so definitely blessed to be able to say that.

Erv:  You have a pretty sizeable catalog of music. Which track or album would you say you’re most proud of or means the most to you?


Tray:  Every song. I feel like their all my babies you know and I’m just a proud Dad that’s happy to have all these incredible children. I’m excited for them to grow up and be introduced to the world.

Erv:  Tell me who’s your dream collaboration. Artist and producer.


Tray:  Andre 3000 would be a dream come true. Wayne of course. Thug and Tory Lanez are also influences so would love to work with them one day. I would love to work with Mannie Fresh as well. That would be hard.

Erv:  So let the people know what you got goin on right now and what’s next


Tray:  Creating and planning. Expect a lot more music. Expect my project Blossom this summer. Expect maybe an album!



Spotify:  Tray Haggerty

Instagram:  @trayhaggerty