Artist Select (April 2020) presents Ron Velvet

Ervin Cordero

From Corona, CA., Ron Velvet is an up and coming singer/songwriter in the Pop/R&B genre.  Aside from music, Ron is also a former dancer and currently in pursuit of an acting career, currently with various commercials and short films in his portfolio.  This multi-faceted talent has always had a love for music and recently found his stride in breaking out into the music scene.  With an EP out along with a few singles within the past 6 months, Ron is moving quickly in pursuit of building a career in mainstream music.  This month of April 2020, he is one of our Artist Selects.  Learn more from our interview below:

Interviewer:  Tell us a little about yourself & your start in music.


Ron Velvet:  I’m Ron Nery Jr, musically known as ‘Ron Velvet’. Always loved singing since I was a kid and grew up with a magic mic like any other Filipino family. Been an actor over 6 years, but after the homies constantly pushed me to try music I linked up with an old boy (900Vibes) who happens to be a Universal Music signed producer. 900Vibes, another artist named Stuxx, and I recorded my first song “Velvet” and it was surprisingly lit especially since it was my fist time in a studio. They said I definitely had talent so a few weeks later we recorded 2 more tracks, and that was when 900Vibes told me he wanted to produce my album. Pretty crazy because I initially just wanted to record ONE song for kicks and never thought of becoming an ‘artist’ or pursuing anything outside of acting, but I loved every single part of being in the studio. We recorded a ton of tracks, and about 3 months later we planned the release of my debut album, The Velvet EP, which dropped late 2019. Since then I’ve dropped 3 singles including my latest “low key no cap” a few days ago.

Interviewer:  How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? Why should they listen?


Ron Velvet:  People say my stuff sounds like Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Justin Bieber combined. It’s basically every thing I like listening to. So far I’ve dropped a lot of joints that sound like updated versions of old school pop and r&b. My sound goes in a lot of places since I’ve been influenced by multiple artists, so it’s hard to classify my exact genre sometimes — I have some hip-hop tracks and even an EDM sounding one dropping soon. I’ve been told my music is very refreshing to listen to compared to mainstream music nowadays.

Interviewer:  What is your favorite song that you’ve done?


Ron Velvet:  Hard to say because I seriously love every single one of my joints I’ve released so far. The most fun I’ve had on a track would probably be “Do You Want To?” which was produced by DrTyWrk & Jericho Law, and mixed by Todd Robinson who’s engineered for the likes of DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Scott Storch, etc. It’s got a great upbeat Bruno Mars / Justin Timberlake vibe to it.


Interviewer:  What is your creative process when working on new music? What inspires you in the studio?


Ron Velvet:  First and foremost it’ll usually involve Bulleit, Jamey, or some type of whisky. My producers will ask me what I’ve been vibing off lately or if I have any good stories to tell, then they’ll get to workin on a beat. Then we’ll usually write together, I’ll hop in the booth, and we’ll see what comes out. Every producer works differently, but for the most part a lot of it is made on a whim. Creating a structured song that never existed in the world just a few hours prior is mad fun to me. From writing, to fuckin around in the booth, and just having a chill ass time in the studio with the homies is why I love it so much. It’s almost not even like “work”.

Interviewer: What is your opinion on today’s music landscape with the oversaturation of music? How do you plan to stand out?


Ron Velvet:  It’s honestly the toughest thing I haven’t figured out yet. It’s great that people are creating music a lot more now than ever. It’s hard to stand out because there’s so much of it. Sometimes I feel like I can literally drop a banger a day for an entire year and there’s still no guarantee I’ll get to where I want no matter how good my music is. It’s kind of like acting, where I’ve taken classes w/ some of the best teachers in L.A. but no matter how much I study it doesn’t guarantee I’ll book gigs. Fortunately the acting world has been decently nice to me. Music is still something I’m in the process of figuring out, and I’m realizing branding is a huge chunk of what matters nowadays, even more than the music sometimes.  At the very least I’m stoked that most peeps who listen to my stuff think it’s pretty fresh.


Interviewer:  What do you want your listeners to get out of listening to your music?


Ron Velvet:  I always want peeps to be able to relate to my songs in some way, while enjoying it at the same time. A lot of my stuff is centered around past relationships or just thoughts that’ve been swimming around in my head. My latest joint “low key no cap” is about going into a situation with 1 goal in mind: hooking up, but unexpectedly finding out that you actually dig each other more than just physically. I know a lot of peeps can relate to that in some way.

Interviewer:  What do you want new listeners to know about you?


Ron Velvet:  I’m always gonna release joints that make you feel good when listening. I’m never gonna release something I hate just to get a bunch of views. Some songs will be simple in concept and some more deep than others, but every thing will have solid production because the producers I work with have been in the game for years. So if you hate my stuff, at the very least it’ll sound good, haha!


Interviewer:  Lastly, what’s next?


Ron Velvet:  I definitely wanna combine my dance & acting background and drop some dope music videos this year. This coronavirus shit has been messing up my plans a bit, but once we’re all free I’ll be movin’ and groovin’ for sure!