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nevermind (feat. MASN)
parachute (feat. Finding Hope)
My Sunny Day (Kina Remix)
Didn’t Know Shit - Spotify Studio It's Hits Recording
Trying Not To Cry (feat. Cavetown)
U Not There
Hurts So Good (Maximillian & Kina Version)
chance with you (Kina Remix)
I'm Not Going Back
Sharpener’s Calling Me Again (feat. Kina)
I Need U (Remix)
Tell Me About You (feat. Mishaal)
Pain (Kina Remix)
Pain (Kina Remix)
Surrender (Kina Remix)
Things I Wanted To Tell You
Things I Wanted To Tell You - Instrumental
Wish I Was Better
Fade Away (Prod.Kina)
Get You The Moon (The Remixes)