Artists On The Rise: Lucky Daye

Deiana Abdel-Gadir

Looking for that new Neo-R&B sound? Well it’s your Lucky Daye.

This New Orleans native takes neo-soul to rising levels, while collecting various features with R&B favorites such as Kelani, and newcomers Buddy and Victoria Monet. Lucky Daye began his career back in early 2018, but with a revamp this year with the release of Painted (Deluxe) Album allowed the artist to shine.

“I needed to get this album done and get it out of my system and let me know if this is my purpose or if I’ve just been wasting my time,” Lucky said in an interview with Fader Magazine. “I was scared because I didn’t know the ending, but it turned out to be something good.”

Lucky Daye was born in a very strict Christina household, where popular music was considered secular/or a sin in the eyes of the church. Like many other R&B artists, he began his talents in church singing hymns and praises. After years of forbidden listen,  he discovered his love for R&B and influence from classics such as Prince, Lauryn Hill, and Stevie Wonder.


After previously competing in American Idol Season 4 in 2005, he re-established himself as a singer/songwriter and began to focus on his craft shortly after he moved to L.A while collecting various music credits along the way. In October 2018, he was signed to RCA Records and released his first single, “Roll Some Mo‘”

Now with the release of his 15 track Painted(Deluxe) Album, he’s more than ready to display his vocals to the world. The title Painted was used to describe his colorful life and reflects many life moments in the artist life as he grows through the pains of his childhood. In an interview with VICE Magazine, he recalls the last four songs on his album that hold the deepest wounds.

[Those songs are] about the pain that hurt the worst when I was in love,” he says. “I didn’t want [her] to think I thought I was the victim, but this pain was not leaving.”

Lucky Daye’s childhood religion plays a major role in his creative process, and as listeners who also grew up in a strict Christian household, we all can relate to his neo-soul sound and tenor vocals that resonate our ears with each listen.

In the near future, you will hear the name Lucky Daye and it won’t be in regard to your weeks fortune. For now, you can continue to listen and support Lucky Daye with the release of his new song “All About You” featuring Leon Bridges.