‘As It Was’ Single Review

Sarah Stukalin

After the incredible Fine Line album and the glittering Love On Tour, Harry Styles is returning with brand new music. On March 23rd it was announced Harry would be releasing his third studio album entitled Harry’s House on May 20th, soon followed by the announcement of the album’s first single.

“As It Was” is a wonderful and fresh single to introduce us to the Harry’s House era. The song is new and exciting with Harry’s whimsical and playful personality echoed throughout. Not to mention Harry debuted the single complete with a colorful video of his iconic dancing and flare.

Perhaps my favorite element of Harry’s songwriting is his lyricism that only grows stronger with every release. Despite his large following, there is something about his lyrics that feels intimate as he sings “In this world, it’s just us / You know it’s not the same as it was.”

If “As It Was” is any indication of the quality and lyricism of Harry’s House, the album is sure to be packed with heart-wrenching ballads and upbeats summery bops that rival the excellence of Fine Line. 

Look for Harry’s House streaming on May 20th, and watch the music video for “As It Was” here!