BabyJake & Louis The Child Team Up For New Single “Somewhere Else”

Cameron DeFaria

Odds are by now you’ve heard of Jake Herring, more commonly known as BabyJake. The Florida-native has re-emerged with an arsenal of hits after a few-year hiatus post college. He returned to the music scene in 2018 after moving to LA, officially coining himself as “BabyJake” and putting out his first single, “Miami”, followed by his extremely successful releases “Touch”, with Dillon Francis, and “Cigarettes On Patios”, which attracted the later-added feature of “Mood” artist 24KGoldn. The singer describes his genre as “urban pop”, which is fitting considering Jake’s rap-like vocal flows alongside mostly electronic production styles.

His most recent release comes as a feature on renowned electronic-pop duo Louis The Child’s new single called “Somewhere Else”. When I first heard it I noticed its immense pop appeal, conveyed by BabyJake’s crisp yet raspy vocals on top of a reverb-y toy piano. This captivating first verse is followed by a fervent yet definitely appropriate switch-up to a drum & bass-inspired hook. Jake’s voice immediately distorts as the hook repeats itself over a saturated bass line and the drum & bass groove. Though chaotic, this transition effects nothing but a blissful listening experience. The mix is excellent, so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming, and the hook is catchy enough to where it becomes the center of your focus.

The official music video, directed by ThankYouX, premiered on February 4th – the day before the actual single was released on all platforms. The video begins with BabyJake in a colorfully lit motel room, watching a TV ad for “Somewhere Else” that features both Robby and Freddy of Louis The Child. Jake peaks through the motel blinds as soon as the beat drops; the setting immediately switches to a snow-filled plain. He is now with both Freddy and Robby, running through various terrains. The video comes full circle at the end when the viewer realizes Jake has imagined the whole thing and is still in his motel room. Listen to the single here and watch the official music video below!