Blue Banisters Album Review

Sarah Stukalin

Last Friday, Lana Del Rey released her highly anticipated eighth studio album entitled Blue Banisters. The album is slow, melodic, and jam-packed with vulnerable and hard-hitting lyrics. 

I have loved Lana’s music since her Born To Die era. I have appreciated her growth and maturity with every album release, and I have loved her ability to change her musical style while still maintaining her sense of self along the way; however, I, unfortunately, was not crazy about this album. 

While I can appreciate Blue Banisters as a whole body of work, the album itself feels rushed, with a strong lack of production and thought. Don’t get me wrong, I am not coming at Lana for releasing a slow, piano ballad album. I worship the ground Norman Fucking Rockwell walks on, but Blue Banisters did not fully deliver in my eyes. 

Lyrically, the album is wonderful. In one of the standout songs on the album, “Dealer,” Lana screams, “I don’t wanna live / I don’t wanna give you nothing / ‘Cause you never give me nothing back / Why can’t you be good for something? / Not one shirt off your back.” And while she constantly dishes out amazing lyrics capable of knocking her listeners out of their seats, production-wise and vocally, the album felt rushed and unfinished. This is interesting as Lana broke ties with producer buddy Jack Antonoff to work on this album, working with Mike Dean to produce the album.

It pains me to leave a negative review for Lana’s music, as she is an artist I grew up with, and continue to adore. And while I recognize I may not love the album, as a whole, the album received a large number of positive reviews. Perhaps it is just not my taste, or perhaps I need to listen to it more, but in the hierarchy of Lana Del Rey albums, Blue Banisters may be my least favorite. 

What do you think about the album? Do you agree with my review? Let us know in the comments, and listen to Blue Banisters here!