Bridgerton is Changing The Classical Music Scene

Elizabeth Soucy

Do you want to go to a ball? 

If you’re like me, you have Netflix’s Bridgerton to blame for this newfound regency era aesthetic lust. Balls aren’t the only thing that have become more popular since Bridgerton premiered, classical music has also grown considerably in popularity. From classical remixes of popular songs like Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’, to  the most lively compositions that classical music has to offer: the Bridgerton soundtrack is the perfect way for anyone to dip their toes into the enormous world of classical music.

You may not know them by name, but the Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) is the group responsible for the trendy classical renditions of your favorite pop songs. VSQ is a staple name in the classical music industry. They have been pushing the limits of classical music traditions since 1999. So why are we just hearing about them now? Most people are hesitant to explore the modern byproducts of the classical industry for fear of getting stuck listening to the same old dusty tunes which are traditionally associated with this genre. In fact, Classical music hasn’t gotten much visibility in the 21st century, despite the fact that film soundtracks are growing in popularity (which are deeply rooted in many classical music traditions).

VSQ is not the only classically trained artist group which is evolving our understanding of what classical music can truly be. Nu Deco Ensemble is a Florida based orchestra which is redefining what it means to experience a classical concert. Looking for something a little more experimental? Bang on a Can is a New York based classical festival aimed at redefining what music sounds like, and the roles that audiences play in the music making process. (My favorite performance involves the introduction of a tire rim as an instrument into a performance by David Lang called ‘Cheating, Lying, Stealing’.) And of course, we can’t forget the the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas classic ‘Christmas Canon’.

[blockquote text=”Nu Deco Ensemble’s mission is to create compelling and transformative genre-bending musical experiences that inspire, enrich and connect new and diverse audiences and artists” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

So how much has classical music listening increased as a result of Bridgerton?

Since Bridgerton began streaming Netflix, demand for VSQ and other classical renditions of pop songs has increased by 350%. The classical Bridgerton soundtrack has also landed itself chart topping positions in the soundtrack genre for most DSPs . Put simply, the music of Bridgerton brings new life to an old genre which has been hidden from the spotlight for too long.As a musician whose professional experiences come almost entirely from the classical world, the industry owes a huge thank you to the Shonda Rhimes and VSQ collaboration that brought us so many new avid listeners of our genre. 

Now is a moment of critical importance for the classical world: How will we retain the interest of the world until Bridgerton Season 2 comes out? Traklife has got you covered. Here are some of the best songs from Bridgerton, plus a few of our own favorite classical compositions for any late night soirees of your own this season.