“Brush Fire” – Single Review

India McCarty

Gracie Abrams is one of my favorite new artists; I’m choosing to overlook the fact that she’s J.J. Abrams’ daughter, making her one of those entertainment industry nepotism kids that we all love to rag on. She’s had a pretty good 2020, releasing her debut EP minor to favorable reviews and predictions that she’ll be one of the next big things. 


“Brush Fire” is her first release since then, a perfect finale as 2020 draws to a close. The song details a relationship gone bad, with Abrams mournfully singing, “Then we become a brush fire, burning all the pain // How can we survive a desert without rain?”


My favorite lines are about the beginning of the relationship, when everything seemed perfect: “Started as a simple lie, thinking love had chose us // We could talk into the night and nobody noticed // And I held on to every word, couldn’t let you go and called it hope // Now I”m so low, I can’t ignore, we only ever made it worse.” It’s the perfect description of the realization that comes when you realize you were holding onto something that didn’t really exist. 


Along with the song’s release, Abrams put out a video of her performing the song live, along with co-writer Tobias Jesso, Jr. accompanying her on the keyboard. The two perform the song in an empty theater. 


“I wanted this song to come out before the end of the year because it feels kind of like a bookend,” Abrams said in a statement about the song. “There are new feelings and new sounds that come with the new music. ‘Brush Fire’ felt it needed to live closer to ‘minor’. Like neighbors.”


I’m excited to see what 2021 has in store for Abrams!


Check out “Brush Fire” here!.