California, Love, and Summer: The Burkharts are Ushering in a Nostalgic Sound

Sarah Stukalin

Often I think to myself, “I wish there was an artist who captured the vibe of some of my favorite classic artists from the twentieth century.” The music industry is growing and developing to find a constant new sound, but what about those of us who long for something nostalgic?

Enter the Burkharts: a family band based out of Buffalo, New York, looking to encourage a sixties-style music renaissance. The group “calls back to a Californian 60s sense of wonder and innocence, glazed over with an indie jangle.” Think The Beach Boys, but with a modern twist.

The group recently released their first EP titled Who Are The Burkharts? complete with six happy and wonderful songs that fit the aesthetic of summertime and beach days; the cover even imitates a stereotypical classic album cover from the sixties.

To put it simply: The Burkarts are the hidden gem you didn’t know you needed. So sit back, relax, and let their music remind you of a simpler time.