Camila Cabello Celebrates Life, Love, and ‘Familia’ on New Album

Mack Mendenhall

Cuban-American pop star Camila Cabello’s highly anticipated third solo album, Familia, dropped on April 8, 2022. If you weren’t a fan of her music before, you just might be hooked now.

“This album means so much to me. The journey of making it completely changed and, not to be dramatic, but it saved my life,” Camila shared via Instagram. “The process of making it and being vulnerable and being honest about my experiences and leaning on other people changed my life. I’m so proud of it and so happy you guys get to hear it now.”

Stylistically, the album is an experimental fusion of pop, R&B, dance, hip hop, and Latin genres. A vibrant, heartfelt celebration of her Latina roots, Familia is Camila Cabello at her best and most authentic.

The album opens with a mariachi trumpet solo that flows into an upbeat, Latin-pop track, “Celia,” which is entirely in Spanish. Other songs on the album heavily consisting of Spanish lyrics include “Hasta Los Dientes” (featuring Maria Becerra) and the bossa nova-influenced “Lola” (featuring Yotuel).

Camila’s recent single, “pyschofreak,” with WILLOW is one of the most notable songs on Familia. WILLOW’s powerful vocals coupled with the track’s hip hop beat and techno influences bring a fresh, edgy energy to the album.

“Don’t Go Yet,” the album’s first single, was first released back in July of 2021. For myself personally, I was not a huge Camila Cabello fan until I heard “Don’t Go Yet” – the infectious beat and melody was impossible to resist. As a lover of Latin music, I admire the elements of salsa and mariachi Camila incorporated into the single.

Several lyrical moments on the album, especially in the final acoustic track, “everyone at this party,” seem to reference Camila’s widely-publicized relationship and breakup with pop star Shawn Mendes. “And I’m having these thoughts / Did we f*** it up or not? / Did we waste two years?” she sings wistfully.

Possibly my favorite track on the whole album is “Bam Bam.” The cumbia-tinged Spanglish single featuring Ed Sheeran represents the heart and soul of Familia – a carefree expression of the healing power of music and embracing the beauty of life and love even in the midst of pain.

Listen below to Camila Cabello’s new album, Familia.