“Carried Away (with Madison Beer)” – Single Review

India McCarty

If you’re looking for tracks to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist, look no further: “Carried Away,” a collab between Madison Beer and producer Surf Mesa, is the perfect addition. 


The song is a lowkey ode to love itself, “I love to love // I love all the ways I feel so much // I get carried away,” Beer croons over Surf Mesa’s beats.


The production matches the simplicity of the lyrics. Building off an acoustic guitar intro, the track never gets too complicated, even as it adds more beats, synths and harmonies. 


Surf Mesa might not be a household name yet, but he’s definitely on his way. Like most artists these days, he got a jump start from TikTok. “ILY (i love you baby)”featuring Emilee has been streamed over half a million times and been used in 4.8 million TikToks. 


“Carried Away” is about the butterflies in your stomach feeling you get when you meet someone new and fall in love for the very first time,” Surf Mesa said in a statement about the song. “Working with Madison was a dream. I hope this song spreads love during this time when we need it more than ever.” 


Beer was just as enthusiastic about the song:

[blockquote text=”When writing songs about love, I’m often drawn to the ups and downs and heartache that can result from a relationship gone bad. It was refreshing to explore the other side of love for “Carried Away,” the excited nerves you get from meeting someone and falling in love for the first time. I’m so grateful to Surf who made the whole process so fun.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Beer’s highly anticipated debut album is set to drop later this month.


Check out “Carried Away (with Madison Beer)” here!