Channel Tres Drops Laidback Bop “Skate Depot”

Dom Maiorca

Channel Tres is a leader in the modern West Coast house music scene. His songs have a sort of infectious charm to them, featuring smooth vocals and groovy bass.  The laidback producer/singer/rapper teases his upcoming mixtape with the release of “Skate Depot.”

Released under his own label, Art For Their Good, “Skate Depot” is an ode to roller rinks, with a nostalgic vibe that takes you back to a Saturday night at Rollerama.  The track was released alongside a music video directed by Mancy Gant, which features Channel Tres roller skating around sun-soaked Los Angeles with all the time in the world.  “We shook and jiving let them problems pass you by,” he sings on the track over a chill yet whimsical house beat.  The video and track together evoke a deep longing for a return to simpler times.

Channel Tres’ upcoming mixtape, affectionately titled I Can’t Go Outside, is expected to be his most personal project to date.  Though it does not yet have a released date, the mixtape will most definitely be a must listen when it drops.  

Listen to “Skate Depot” below and keep up with the latest music from Channel Tres here.