Chemtrails Over The Country Club Album Review

Sarah Stukalin

Dream pop singer Lana Del Rey has done it again. The singer has released her sixth album titled Chemtrails Over The Country Club, complete with ethereal vocals, wonderful collaborations, and country undertones.

Del Rey’s album is filled to the brim with her innermost thoughts, feelings, and musings accompanied by her signature high vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. The album has been labeled a masterpiece and some of her best work by fans and critics alike.

Aside from the first single release “Chemtrails Over The Country Club,” the album contains a multitude of hits, such as the long-anticipated “White Dress” and the melodic and whimsical “Wild At Heart.”

Perhaps the most unique element of COCC is that it is the perfect blend of the old Lana and the new: the Americana-obsessed sugar baby and the mature woman longing to be free. Lana blends both theme and sound in her art to create the perfect medley of everything she does best, giving her fans a sense of nostalgia alongside the excitement of something new.

Over the year Lana Del Rey has struggled to solidify herself in the eyes of the media, coming under fire for accusations of romanticizing domestic abuse and breaking COVID-19 guidelines. However, Del Rey has stood strong and proud in the face of adversity, clapping back at haters and staying true to herself.


This album does the exact same, as Lana uses the power of her vocals and lyricism to let people know that like her or not, she is here to stay. Listen to Chemtrails Over The Country Club here!