“Overdrive” – Single Review

India McCarty

Conan Gray, everybody’s favorite indie-pop king, is back with his first solo single since his 2020 debut album, Kid Krow. His new single “Overdrive” is a blast of 80s synths and catchy lyrics, giving the track a cinematic feel. 


The lyrics describe the rush of living in the moment and throwing caution to the winds: “Divin’ off the deep end // I can’t think of a reason // we should take our time,” he sings, “All or nothing // let’s just trust the night.”


“Overdrive” feels like something that would play at the end of a coming-of-age movie, which is kind of Gray’s whole vibe (see “Wish You Were Sober,” “Maniac,” and “Little League”). The song’s live-while-we’re-young lyrics and sparkling production give the song an exuberant feel.


“With ‘Overdrive’, all I wanted to do was give people just a form of escapism,” Gray said in an interview with NME.


“The song is about losing your inhibitions and just doing exactly what you want to do in a given moment, even if it’s a little bit reckless. I think that’s kind of the main thing I’m craving right now – to be able to live a life without inhibitions because, at the moment, we have a lot of barriers to living our lives. It’s really a fantasy. It’s a form of escape for me.”


In times like these, we all need a little bit of an escape now and then. I’m looking forward to the day I can blast “Overdrive” at a party with all my friends!


Gray is currently working on another album, but no word yet on when it will drop.


Check out “Overdrive” here!