Danileigh Is Well On Her Way To Taking Over 2018


Danileigh has established herself in the world of entertainment with dancing, directing music videos, recording music, and much more. She’s a social media sensation with the talent to show for. She’s currently encouraging “DaniLions” (her fans) to enter her contest by coming up with their own verse on her track, “Life,” that she left a part of intentionally blank. The winner will shoot a music video with her and the competition has been fierce. Peep the entries with her hashtag #DaniLifeChallenge.

Even though Def Jam Records dropped her EP Summer with Friends a little bit ago, it’s still noteworthy to recognize it as a low-key banger (high-key in my book). The 7-track project consists of the perfect blend of trap and R&B. Heck; I would categorize this in RnBass – now that I think about it (shout out to the homie J Maine for coining the term and now movement). There’s more to Danileigh then you may or may not already know. She’s a triple threat in entertainment with singing, dancing, and acting all under her belt. Let’s rewind to the time she starred and directed Prince’s “Breakfast Can Wait” music video. Oh and let’s not forget Prince actually tuned in to The Layover Show a couple years ago when we had the pleasure of having her on as a guest. If this EP is a sample of what to expect in her upcoming projects, I’m anxious for more.

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