DIJON Latest EP Review: ‘How Do You Feel About Getting Married?’

Madison Hunt

Los Angeles based, Baltimore-bred Dijon creates a quintessential sound in his latest EP “How Do You Feel About Getting Married“.


Dijon’s curation of neo-soul, folk-rock, psychedelic tone transports the listener into an entirely unique entity. His digital texture, play with vocals and lyricism take you on a musical experience.


His influences are highlighted thoroughly, as the EP progresses. “Do You Light Up”, its peaceful undertones, allude to an ambiance of love and freedom. Lyrics that steadily repeat themselves like, “Do you still get hard flutters?/Do you light up when you see me?” just reiterate this message.


Just like Prince, Dijon, can’t be classified. His spectrum of music resonates euphoric sound that makes him individualized. The natural combinations of melodies, from old and new artists, create a renaissance of music we’ve been begging for.


The fifteen minutes it takes to listen to this, it’ll take three times as long to understand it. Not in a negative way, but you may be distracted by the texture of the music.


The sharp brass of instruments, the fluid texture of rhythms, and vibrations within Rock n Roll, will make you listen repeatedly, just so you didn’t miss anything. “So I told her that I just got a record and I promise it’s a jam/‘Automatic’ and I wanna see you dance.”


Reference to Prince’s Automatic in 1999, just like Prince, breaks in his songs, draws you in to get that missing note that you were waiting for since the start. But he also created a steady balance of melodic tones as well.


Dance Song” and “Hunni” are the softer undertones he has within this album. His guitar creates a steady fluid sound, but uniquely his lyrics don’t reflect the same. “Could you put your hands tight around my neck?/And never let me go?” -his lyrics play into an oxymoron, the rhythm is soft but the lyrics are rigged and unorthodox.


Dijon’s vulnerability within his last song, “Jesse,” was particularly refreshing. The layering of vocals and sci-fi textures create a sonic atmosphere.

“And he could be bad/ And turn his back/

He could break all his promises./ But when I see Jesse I smile.”


His lyrics exclaim even through rough love, he would still stay true, and so would his love.


Dijon gave us vocals, vibrations, and vibes that are unclassified. His rejuvenation to music in his latest EP is unconventional in the best way.