Dying Wish is a Hardcore Band to Watch Out For

Adam Godown

Since emerging into the hardcore scene in 2018, Portland’s Dying Wish has established itself as a force to be reckoned with.


Combining hardcore riffs, old school death metal guitar leads, metalcore panic chord breakdowns, and even clean singing into a sound that is wildly all over the place and somehow still cohesive, it’s easy to see why this band stands out. Especially for a band that currently has a grand total of eight songs released. Yes – eight. And one of those is just an interlude.

Having signed to Sharptone Records last year without even a single full-length album to their name, Dying Wish is clearly not wasting any time making their presence known in the next generation of heavy music. They’ve already amassed 15k monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as nearly 300k listens on their single “Enemies in Red,” thanks in part to a feature from Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris.

Dying Wish is best described as one of those bands that just makes you want to move. Vocalist Emma Boster is the driving force behind this energy. Her raw, coarse screams convey a contagious rage that never fails to feel authentic, and seeps right into the listener. Layered over unrelenting tremolo-picked chromatic riffs and 90’s metalcore-esque chugging breakdowns complete with frantic double bass and china cymbal centered drumming, this band packs a punch that just never lets up.

Countless playthroughs of their very limited discography left me dying/wishing for more. Fortunately, Dying Wish’s debut full-length album is due this year on Sharptone Records, and I’m confident it will send this already impressively-popular band to new heights. Don’t be late to the party – check out Dying Wish’s latest single “Innate Thirst” below.

A note: Dying Wish is an incredibly hard band to categorize. I’ve seen them described as hardcore, metal, metalcore and even death metal. While all of these descriptions are apt, what they are not is a “female-fronted hardcore band.” Have you ever heard Turnstile, Rotting Out or Ecostrike described as “male-fronted hardcore bands?”


I certainly haven’t, it sounds ridiculous. Yet “female” seems to constantly be the first word used when describing bands like Dying Wish, Mortality Rate and Sharptooth. Women have and have always had a place in hardcore, and it is essential to stop treating their existence as a novelty or exception, especially for the cis-gendered men of the community.


Dying Wish is a band of incredibly talented musicians who have worked insanely hard and to get to their current level, and put out some of the best modern metalcore I’ve heard in a while. Their merit lies in that very real talent and success, and their identity should not be reduced to simply a band with a female vocalist.