Elements Vol. 1 by TOBi Album Review


The perfect blend of sultry and sweet, Nigerian native TOBi broke through the music scene this year with his new album “Elements Vol. 1”. The 27-year-old signed fully delivered with this 10 song album packed with good vibes and timeless beats. Coming off of releasing his first album in 2017 titled “Still”, Elements brings a new, brighter sound to the artist’s discography. It was enjoyable to listen through and through and to me, it seems like TOBi is really starting to not only find himself as an artist but find his sound.

I feel like nowadays, especially within the past decade or so, Hip Hop and RnB genres have lost what originally made them special. It has felt quite stagnant, seeing artist upon artist filter through similar beats and lyrics. Something so unique about TOBi is his honesty on each record, but especially Elements. For myself, I find it so interesting when artists can take something so real or something they are going through, and portray it to people in a way that makes them want to dance. This record is a key example of that, combining realness with sounds that remind me of homemade vanilla ice cream. Having a voice like his helps a lot, but what I found kept me listening were the diverse arrangements on each track. Every single song sounded different than the next, and with headphones, or in the right listening environment, you can be transported to somewhere pastel and pleasant.

With tracks like “Made Me Everything” and “Dollas and Cents” TOBi pulls in his audience with aesthetically pleasing visuals, and just the right amount of spice to get you dancing around your room. I personally enjoyed the video “Made Me Everything” because it had such a sense of community. Having spoken with TOBi earlier this year, attention was brought to the fact most everyone that appeared in the video is a friend of the musician or someone he knows. I loved how personal he got with not only the songs but the videos as well. When it all boils down, music videos are what really make the music feel almost touchable. They give fans and audiences a chance to understand the emotion the artist is trying to convey, and really heighten the experience.

Overall, it is so nice to hear a new voice in a genre that can be seen as lost sometimes. TOBi is like a refreshing drink of water on a hot day, and I think everyone deserves a taste of his greatness. A star in the making, “Elements Vol. 1” is just the beginning for the musician. With two successful albums under his belt, I fully look forward to what more this great mind can give us. I especially look forward to the day live music returns and we can really see this artist bring his music to life. I know for a fact I will be recommending this album to my peers and fellow music heads. Make sure to check out “Elements Vol. 1” on all streaming services now!