Erick The Architect Drops Solo EP Future Proof

Dom Maiorca

Prolific producer and one-third of the Flatbush Zombies collective Erick the Architect has released his first official solo project, Future Proof.  For those accustomed to the gruff, mosh pit-worthy bangers and psychedelic vibes of Flatbush Zombies, Future Proof is sure to open your ears to the full capabilities of one of the most talented producers in hip-hop.  The 5 track EP sees Erick exploring new sounds and styles, offering a lush collection of beats and plenty of reflective thoughts and strong ideas to unpack.

The Architect shines as both a producer and rapper throughout the project, leaning heavily into melodic R&B choruses and emotional, introspective verses.  The lead single “Let It Go” with Loyle Carner and FARR “captures the internal battle of guilt and doubt you experience while pursuing a dream,” says Erick, tapping into several emotional hardships he faced in the past year.  “I buried my mom last year / And that won’t be healed with a song / But the hope when you heal, make you strong / Don’t wanna raise my kids via phone,” masterfully balancing the catastrophic events of 2020 with lessons of empowerment and empathy that have resulted from such.

The EP is an emotional and lyrical masterclass, highlighting both the musical and personal development that drives The Architect.  “When the music from the soul, boy you Future-Proof,” he raps on the outro track “Selfish,” a testament to his overall growth as a person and artist.  


Future Proof is a deeply personal project with vast lyrical underpinnings touching on race, love, self-improvement, and much more, allowing the project to breathe beautiful, meaningful air into hip-hop.  It will be interesting to see whether Flatbush Zombies as a whole explore this style further upon reuniting for their next project.  


You can catch Erick livestreaming on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with his “Architect’s Corner” studio sessions and be sure to check out Future Proof on Apple Music and Spotify.