Etta Bond: ‘2 Meters Apart’ EP Review

Madison Hunt

Etta Bond, British singer-songwriter released her latest EP 2 Meters Apart on June 19th. 


Bond is one of the few artists whose production of music is leveled in the storytelling. Vocally and lyrically she has a subtle way of exclaiming a story all listeners can resonate with. 


Her honesty was a vital part of how the listener connects with her. Bond’s natural inclination is love and heartbreak, and this follow-up reflects the same. 


Tender emotions, feelings, and interpretations of being in the grey area of a relationship was highlighted in her last album, He’s Mine and He’s Not Mine. Her latest EP narrates a play on Romeo & Juliet. But instead of family nuisances, it’s the environment.


Her and her lover are stricken from being in the same vicinity, due to quarantine. Bond begins with, On a Beach ft Avelino, a psychedelic, retro sound that paints the picture of longing for someone’s touch in isolation. 


Avelino lyricism illustrates the dual perspective of both parties in a relationship, trying to balance the urgency to stay isolated but in love. But as we move throughout the album we see her pushing those buttons in Break My Quarantine


“When this is over, can you come and pick me up?”/ “I’ve been alone, longing for your love.”/ “You’re so far, but you’re so close to my heart.” 


Bond sings as if from a diary, piling the longing for love, ready to risk quarantine, into the arms of her love. She reconnects with the listener, catering to the lost relationships that would’ve been if not for Corona. 

One More Sleep is the most intimate song off the EP. A simple song in melody, but lyrically complex and daring. Her duality in vocals and anticipation in ambiance, she’s completely vulnerable. The kiddish energy within this song, exclaims the impatience of getting so close to love, but then it being swept under from you. 


Bond’s storytelling captivates the listener, as the production of the album leads to the next song. But the slow steady repeat of “One More Sleep” the listener can gauge the dynamic of what’s going to happen next. 


Rounding out the EP, Close As I Can Get, is gentle. With a soft tempo, light beats, and desirous ambiance. We see a dynamic side to this ‘forbidden’ love story. Bond illustrates freedom, the anticipation is finally over. 


Even though there are restrictions it doesn’t matter, because whatever space and time spent apart has come to a close. Love has extended its arms, and Bond is well-ready to receive it.