Eurovision 2021 Recap: Music’s Weirdest Festival is Back

Arie Likhtman

On Saturday, May 18, the world was treated to one of the biggest spectacles in the entire music world. It was loud, it was flashy and most of it wasn’t in English. I speak of course of the one, the only, Eurovision song contest. From Moldova to Malta, Spain to San Marion, artists from all around Europe came to bring it. Here’s our full recap:



Italy Shines the Brightest:

Eurovision has always been about one thing: spectacle. Unlike any other music festival, it’s about more than just the music; it’s about the show. No performance sums this fact up better than that of 2021’s champions, Italy. Out of all 26 finalists, no one came more prepared to be weird than the Italian glam rock band Måneskin. Performing their song Zitti E Buoni, this explosive group was not shy of the stage. Although they did not win the jury vote, they swept the public vote, as it was clear that the fans fell in love with Italian rock.

France Kicks it Old School

In contrast to Italy’s glitter-clad rock show, France’s performance was a little less Queen and a lot more Celine Dion. Their entry, the song “Voilà” performed by Barbara Pravi, was a tear-jerking ballad that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house. But Pravi’s performance was not without its fair share of controversy, as some hardcore Eurovision fans believed that France’s entry clashed with the explosive and outside-the-box nature of the competition. Personally, I think that good music is good music. For a competition that prides itself on breaking boundaries, sometimes a little bit of the classics is just what we need. Nevertheless, France received high ratings from both the fans and the professional jury.

Special Shoutout: Malta Brings the Sass

It ain’t Eurovision without a sprinkle of raw diva energy, and that’s exactly what Malta brought. Out of nowhere, Malta’s star performer, Destiny Chukunyere, came out swinging with a dynamic rendition of her song Je me casse. The title comes from a French slang phrase, meaning “to make a quick exit”, and is an anthem to feminism and joy. The performance was very reminiscent of Lizzo, both in style and in the message, and fans around the world could not be happier. Although Malta didn’t win, Destiny deserves a huge shoutout for her incredible peformance.

Weird,Loud and Fun: Eurovision is Back

After such a long hiatus, music’s weirdest festival is back in full swing. It is truly amazing to one of the world’s oldest music festivals back on its feet. While Eurovision may not seem like the most relevant event, it’s a big deal for Europe and for the global music community. There are even talks of starting an American version. I can’t wait for the next Eurovision to be bigger, better, and weirder.