Everything You Need to Know About Cosmic Kitten’s 2020 Album

Rachael Sanders

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing Cosmic Kitten’s new album “You Gotta Understand” released May 23, 2020. Amidst a global pandemic (moreso, a national nightmare these days) AND a powerful political movement, Cosmic Kitten offers their album as vehicle for activism.

I found Cosmic Kitten through Eclipse House Record’s show “Rock Against Racism”. Armed with a strong message and a guitar, they played a handful of songs, one of them being an Alice in Chains cover. Unfortunately (as is the curse with livestreams) their audio was distorted, but the band’s message about BLM was loud and clear!! Their message was so awesome that I had to find out more about them.

Their instagram was my first point of contact. Their stories are full of informative activist content and the occasional meme. Cosmic Kitten is serious about what matters, but not so serious that they’ve lost their sense of humor. For example, they posted a photo on June 15th saying, “Just a reminder that black lives still matter!!! We’re not dead, we’re still fighting. No justice, no peace. Our hearts continue to go out to all of you still fighting ?. We’ve just taken a break from social media for a lil because we’re easily disheartened by all the bad news vs good. We’re both Pisces for gosh sakes!! ??” In fact…this band is pretty hilarious. Just check out their noir-mystery blog “Explained: The Bass Player Curse”


Side note: I had an especially fun time working on this blog. Cosmic Kitten was responsive, and a joy to talk to behind the scenes.  They’ve got a lot to give!