[Exclusive]: Julissa Drops Her New EP – “Surroundings”


17-year-old Julissa  from the Northeastern of Pennsylvania, is on the road to success. Last year in September, the young artist put out her third five track EP All Around Me. The first track released was Let Me Groove, which she produced, written, mixed and mastered herself. Julissa returns with a new EP titled Surroundings, which includes five new tracks with no features, and of course everything  done by her. On this new project, you are going to hear new lyrics, better vocals and a lot more production. I got the chance to talk to Julissa, and ask her questions about new EP Surroundings. Read the interview below, and don’t forget to listen to the project. Be on the lookout for more from this rising star Julissa.

Let’s talk about your latest project All Around Me.  What’s the feedback you’ve been getting from the listeners?

Julissa: The feedback from everyone has been amazing. I appreciate all of it. Grateful.

How is it that you’re only 17 and do everything technically by yourself? What is your secret?

YouTube tutorials and messing around on my own.

What artist influences you to continue on writing great lyrics?

Beyonce. I watch videos of her in the studio to get motivation and inspiration.

Now the title of the new EP Surroundings, why that title?

It’s a continuation of All Around Me. The central idea of the EP is changing my surroundings so that I could be happier, such as when I changed buildings for school.


What are the fans going to hear on the new project? Any emotions or something?

Lots of variety in the production, better lyrics, and better vocals. My confidence is up more, so I’m less nervous when it comes to my own music.

What drew you to become who you are and as an artist?

My experiences. My race, my gender, and class. Wanting to help other people.

You graduate in 2018, are you planning on going to college to study more music and continue on doing what you love to do?

I wanna go to college for music technology and business, as well as to be a math teacher. I want to go to college several times for other things I’m pursuing.

When will the EP be releasing?

Out Now!!

Have any words to your fans?

Support the next project!….Thank you so MUCH!!

Julissa’s Social Media:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/julissaucy

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/julis.sa