Eye Candy

Stevenson Altidor

A great album cover is eye-catching the minute you lay your eyes on it. It has the capabilities of setting expectations, the mood, or the album’s story or to completely subvert them. Sometimes the cover could mean nothing at all, simply in the forefront because it looks great. However, you could only get it right one time.

In our latest playlist collaboration, we will look at three songs with the best cover art that engages the audience and makes you want to hear the album.

  1. Childhood – Blue Velvet

Hailing from England, this indie rock band provided a rather trippy visual for their album cover. The clouds break away, forming two entities between the skies and the clouds. While the skies wrap their arms around a burnt orange figure, the clouds surround them. The gaps in the clouds created this image which fits the album name perfectly, Lacuna. Meaningful, cool to look at, and a banger of a record.

  1. Launder – Powder

This vulnerable single about substance abuse and its toll on one’s body and state of mind is an enjoyable yet somber tune. In an interview with highclouds in 2019, Launder stated that he” wrote this song about a group of friends I grew up with who took the same path as me with a different outcome.

The cover resembles a phone that’s in dark mode. Background pitch black with images of the human body chalked out in the powder. The cover art is sectioned off into four boxes, each highlighting a different section of the body, examining the harmful effects of addiction thoroughly.

  1. Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind

To end the article and the playlist, “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind” is a spacious, hypnotic journey that will direct you to the destination you need the most. The cover alone encourages the dazing effects, with the clouds repeating endlessly like binary code. Tagged with minimal verses, a fuzz guitar disguised as a synth, and chorused guitars play the song’s chorus, the single captures that hypnotic trip effortlessly. It’s a great ender to a unique playlist.

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