“Fall So Fast” – Single Review

Stevenson Altidor

Ajna’s latest single, “Fall So Fast,” starts off as if it’s the beginning of his redemption arc. The gesture is grand, as if waiting for the arrival of its guest. Horns and keys change from triumphant to hesitant as the drums kick in, signaling the bottom has fallen out. The track is flanked by feature artist Q.’s plangent vocals in the chorus, “Baby I can’t live too long like this” her croons as you hear the keys hold each note longer the last before it fades away on the 4th note. sinking you faster to the bottom while fellow featured singer Angelina lilts underneath to offset the weight of the fall. The pain is palpable despite the lush set pieces being impressive, but the record’s soul is what keeps you ingrained until its conclusion.


For Ajna, experience is the ink that fleshes out the stories. Through a methodical cadence and the patience of a youth coach, Ajna is collected as he repaints these moments. Every word is enunciated to be heard, singled out to keep himself from misrepresenting himself or the characters involved. Betrayal has become a mainstay in his environment, debilitating those he loves. “They say life is a gift, but the present did her badly,” he states before he details his companion’s struggles with overcoming that sense of betrayal in their relationship. Its scares are not only mental but photographic; memories that harass him no matter where he goes. But he admits that he writes these, “so I never lose her,” showing that his love for her is immortal.