Producer and DJ Felium Releases Energetic Deep House Single “LYMF (Let Your Mind Float)” with Xtinctor and Bayla G

Hannah Gershowitz

On February 26th, DJ and electronic producer Felium released new deep-house single, “LYMF (Let Your Mind Float)” with producer Xtinctor and singer/songwriter Bayla G under Spanish label, Blanco Y Negro. A perfect balance between vocals and production, with atmospheric elements, vocal layering, and heavy bass throughout make the track roar with power. Melodic breaks lead the track through an intense build up, resulting in strong bass and brass sounds in the drop. “LYMF (Let Your Mind Float)” is a high energy track that leaves a refreshing taste due to the carefully crafted balance between electronic and acoustic elements. This track is perfect for working out, hanging out with friends, and even studying!

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After Felium and Xtinctor’s remix of “Rain Drops” was released by the label Clippers Sound, they knew they had to work together again. They decided to participate in another remix contest together for the song, “We Are The Universe.” After remixing the track, they realized they could make this into an original song. They changed the vocal line and built an entirely original song from vocal packs on Splice. While that version of the song packs excitement, they weren’t satisfied without original vocals and lyrics.

That was when Bayla G came in. After previously working with Felium on their track “Lights Out,” and gaining over 40k streams, they recognized the chemistry they had working together and knew they had to keep it going. Coincidentally, Bayla G had previously written a vocal line that fit the track perfectly. While she was originally unsure that her voice would fit the deep and slightly dark sound, her vocals ended up tying seamlessly in with the production.

After adapting the vocals to fit the track, the final version of “LYMF (Let Your Mind Float)” was created and that’s what you’re able to hear today. A deep house track with undeniable energy, meaningful lyricism, and full of atmospheric elements to bring it alive.

To hear previous versions of the track when it was without Bayla G’s vocals and when it was still just a remix, check out the exclusive content page, HERE. You will also find a VR visual experience and interviews from the artists.

Watch the music video for “LYMF (Let Your Mind Float)”

About Felium

Felium is a 20 year old electronic producer and DJ from Spain, living in Hoboken, NJ. He is a true creative that is able to cross lines into all different electronic genres, proving this throughout his discography and remixes. This ability pushes him even outside of the electronic world, producing alternative pop tracks that are not yet released. These songs will be released under the name Illuzions, and in collaboration with Bayla G. His creativity and passions have pushed his boundaries and allowed him to branch off into becoming a Content Creator and an Entrepreneur on top of his music career. Felium recently founded Muzeamp, a marketing and music mentorship service for up and coming artists. Felium’s music has received support from multiple labels and countless DJ’s proving the quality and appeal of his artistry.

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