Filipino American History Month Celebration at The Greek Theatre

Sunday night at the Greek Theatre brought back so many memories for those growing up Pilipino American in the 90’s. Groups such as Kai, Drop N Harmony, Pinay, and Devotion finally reunited on the stage to perform live after about 15 years.

I know I’m not the only one who would agree that this was the best music that you didn’t hear on the radio. These groups created the songs that you put on the mix tape you gave to that special someone. These songs are the reason why we’re all hopeless romantics.

Aside from the 90’s Asian-American R&B movement, FAHMla was able to represent for the titas and aunties. The Pilipino legend Gary V performed with his son Gab Valenciano. They busted out some dance moves that reminded us that Gary V never ages.

This celebration of Pilipino American history showed love to the newest generation of performers. Fil-Am artists such as AJ Rafael and The Filharmonic represent the “YouTube” generation.

Overall, it was an unforgettable night for the whole family. Fans traveled from all over California to witness the reunions that took place on stage. The rain couldn’t even deter these fans.

Ernest Capalla, a Bay Area native who was lucky enough to sit in the front row, said “I actually didn’t ever want leave my seat. Everything was really good.”

My personal favorite performance came from Jocelyn Enriquez. As soon as she sang her hit song, a lightbulb went off and all the lyrics came flooding back. I actually didn’t realize the hit 90’s song “Do You Miss Me,” which actually got radio play, was sung by a Pilipino American artist.

The concert was thrown in celebration Filipino American History Month. It’s amazing to see how important music has been for the largest Asian-American community in the United States.

Music is just one small piece of the history we have created for ourselves. For all my fellow Pilipino Americans, I hope you continue to celebrate what’s left of the month by learning about some other aspects of our culture.

And for those of you who missed out on the 90’s R&B Era or just want to reminisce, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites in a playlist for y’all. Enjoy!