“Finish Line” – Single Review

India McCarty

For anyone struggling to figure out what they’re doing with their lives, SAGE has got the song for you. 


The singer-songwriter just released her second single of 2021, “Finish Line,” an ode to moving forward, even when you’re not entirely sure where you’re going. 


“Look how far I’ve made it // from the beginning,” she declares. “As long as I’m okay // I know that I’m winning // Gonna cross the finish line.”


The production matches her determined tone, with a rolling drum beat and crashing piano chords. 


In a press release for the track, SAGE shared, “I wanted to create a motivational song that people can listen to, to put them in whatever mindset they need to be in. There’s always the uncertainty of crossing the finish line, which is why this song emphasizes the fact that you may reach your goal, but there can also be some barriers in your way, and that’s okay too.”


The bridge is where SAGE makes the most moving statement of the song: “If I’m ever feeling down // I remember that I once hoped to be where I am now.” 


In a world dominated by “hustle culture” and “grinding,” it can be easy to feel like you’re falling behind. With “Finish Line,” SAGE reminds us that all you have to do is keep going. 


Check out “Finish Line” here!