Five Years of Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Sarah Stukalin

One of the most acclaimed albums of the twenty-first century, Beyoncé’s Lemonade, turned five this past week. The album was a cultural and political movement, taking the form of a showstopping world tour, and a beautiful visual album.

Aside from being an album packed with ethereal vocals and hard-hitting lyrics, Lemonade was a movement that spanned beyond the music. The album was a message of empowerment for the black community, as well as a rallying cry for womanhood and femininity.

Perhaps the most wonderful and engaging aspect of Lemonade is how different it is from Beyoncé’s other works in terms of vocals and content. Lemonade is an incredibly personal piece of work, and everything from the lyrics to the vocals to the production is a part of Beyoncé, her culture, and her world.

It is hard to believe the album I had on repeat all of 2016 is now turning five, but despite the years that have gone by, Lemonade is an artistic masterpiece that has cemented itself in history as one of the most impactful albums of the twenty-first century.

Listen to Lemonade here!