Free Britney, B*tch! Pt. 2

Sarah Stukalin

Since my last article on the #FreeBritney movement, much has happened in regards to the Britney Spears Conservatorship. A lot of details regarding the new developments can be confusing, so let’s break it down.

On June, 23, Britney spoke publicly at her conservatorship hearing, and what has long been deemed a conspiracy theory became a full truth: Britney is unhappy, and feels as if she is a victim of conservatorship abuse. 

Britney’s testimony was both tragic and disturbing, as she detailed the harsh and unconstitutional guidelines she must abide by under her conservatorship, including being forced to work long hours and stay on birth control despite wanting to have a baby.  

Since the hearing, many events have followed to lead the public to believe the conservatorship is unraveling. Celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus have publicly denounced the conservatorship and called for Britney’s freedom. Additionally, Britney’s attorney, Sam Ingham, and her manager, Larry Rudolph, resigned from working with Spears. 

Perhaps the greatest improvement and step towards freedom is that Britney has been approved to hire her own lawyer, and she will now be represented by Mathew Rosengart. Britney has also publicly announced that she wishes to charge her father with conservatorship abuse, stating “This conservatorship has allowed my dad to ruin my life.” 

While many positive changes have been made regarding the conservatorship, the fight is far from over. Check out the official #FreeBritney Instagram here, and make sure to stay up to date on what you can do to help Britney, and end conservatorship abuse.