Gawvi’s New Album,”Heathen,” Lifted My Spirits

Hazzle Joy

To be honest, this quarantine stuff can really be a downer sometimes. It’s one big emotional rollercoaster. One of the things keeping me sane is listening to some music. I LOVE stumbling on artists on accident as I skim through playlists. The next artist I recently came across is Gawvi. I haven’t tapped too deep in the Christian/Gospel genre, nor am I too familiar with the most well-known artists in the genre – so yes, I’m a little late getting on board with Gawvi.

Born Gabriel Alberto Azucena, Gawvi is a Christian pop/hiphop artist and music producer for Reach Records. The Bronx, New York native recently released his album, “Heathen.” Having been in the music industry for over a decade, Gawvi has achieved a well decorated resume complete with chart topping numbers, awards, and features. His music merges the sound of hiphop, pop, electro, and latin-carribean rhythms, vocalizing his faith with the intent to inspire and motivate his listeners. Give his new album a listen if you’re in need of a cheer up! The wavy beats and inspirational lyrics definitely won’t disappoint.

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