Genre Breakers

Sarah Stukalin

Up to the twenty-first century, artists typically stuck to their chosen genre, remaining comfortable in their sound and creating albums and tracks to revolve around it. And while there is nothing wrong with sticking to one genre, recently many artists have been breaking out of this mold, refusing to be confined to one particular genre and even blending genres that have never typically been used together. Here are some of the greatest genre-bending artists right now.




Being known for promoting the idea that musical genres don’t exist, Poppy makes music that has “no rules.” Often labeled as metal and pop-influenced, Poppy does not let these genres stop her from experimenting with different sounds, even covering t.A.T.u in an Evanescence-like cover of “All The Things She Said” that blend the genres of pop and metal effortlessly while still putting her own spin on the song. Poppy calls her music “an adventure that you need to listen to, to believe it” and says it “transitions through all different shades of music so I’m calling it post-genre.” 

Tiny Meat Gang 


One of the most unique genre-bending groups out there, Tiny Meat Gang combines comedy with rap for a “wild ride.” Comprised of YouTube personalities Cody Ko and Noel Miller, Tiny Meat Gang came from a podcast of the same name. Their music is fun, catchy, and parodies mainstream rap artists, allowing for the group to toe the line between parody music and high-quality rap. Some of their best songs are “Broke Bitch” and “Sofia,” but if you’re looking for an easy and fun listen, TMG is definitely the group for you.



Recently having come into popularity for his work on the Euphoria score, Labrinth blends the genres of pop, R&B, and techno. Labrinth integrates beautiful, soulful vocals on top of electronic pop beats, and it oddly works. His music is perfect for capturing the teen angst and struggle of Euphoria, and he has even won an Emmy for his work scoring the show. Perfect for long car rides and late nights, Labrinth’s music never disappoints. 

Daniel Caesar


Another R&B influenced artist, Daniel Caesar blends the genres of rock, pop, jazz, gospel, and soul to create a truly unique and intoxicating sound. Caesar is praised for his unique ability to connect to his audience through raw and real portrayals of sexuality, spirituality, and longing. His music is enchanting, collaborating with artists such as Kali Uchis and H.E.R. If you’re looking for a dreamy lullaby-like sound, Daniel Caesar is the artist for you. 

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