Hannah Jadagu is Back With a Bang in New EP “What Is Going On”?

Arie Likhtman

If you are a consistent reader of this blog, then the first thing you would realize is that this is the second piece on Hannah Jadagu we have done in a month, which should tell you just how much of a superstar she is going to be. If you’re just joining us for the first time, welcome and let us introduce you to Hannah Jadagu: an up-and-coming juggernaut in the world of bedroom pop.



As of 2021, Jadagu already began making waves in the indie-pop industry with her first single on SubPop records: “Think Too Much”, an uptempo record about the difficulties of growing up and the importance of letting go.

But this NYU freshman and budding megastar was just getting started. With more to say, and overflowing with talent, Hannah Jadagu is back with her new EP “What Is Going On?”

This two-song EP features the title track “What Is Going On?”, along with the previously released “Think Too Much”. You can read our full review of the latter here. As for the title track, “What Is Going On?” tackles the struggle of ambiguity in a relationship.

In alignment with her classic yet progressive style, the track opens with a repeating echoey guitar riff that instantly feels introspective. The drums enter in a slow walking tempo, reminiscent of everyone’s favorite classic rock records. The vocals are pure and soft while simultaneously piercing the ears, a style that Jadagu has mastered over years of performance. Her tone feels so far away and yet so intimate at the same time. As usual, what impresses me the most about Hannah is her simplistically honest lyricism. The first verse comes out swinging, as Jadagu states that she…


Woke up from a dream I started
He was all too sweet
Losing seconds trying to get him
It’s not that easy



The chorus features Jadagu asking the questions that are on everyone’s mind but we just don’t have the words to say.


Are you feeling the same
Or pushing me away?
And are you thinking about
What is going on?



As usual, Hannah Jadagu doesn’t need to rely on metaphors or figurative language, she comes right out and says exactly what she’s thinking. It’s bold and it’s refreshing.


The video shows an evolution of Jadagu’s style, featuring juxtaposed images of Jadagu performing with her band and of a girl in a relationship in New York. Her performance is simultaneously laid back and electrifying, with her band totally swagged out. She is the perfect combination of Texas roots and New York flare.

Although I personally prefer the upbeat vibes of “Think Too Much”, “What Is Going On?” is equally as infectious in a different way, showcasing a more soulful and introspective side of Jadagu’s already wide array of styles.


This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing about Hannah Jadagu, from us or from anyone else, so keep your eyes and ears open. She is the future of music. A strong and empowered female artist with something to say on everything from the most human of interpersonal struggles to larger social justice issues. Everything about Hannah, from her music to her voice to her personality to her indie flare to her DIY spirit deserves to be celebrated. So let’s embrace the future together.